Enjoy delicious Fujian cuisine the CHOP CHOP way that is quick, efficient, hearty and affordable!

Daily Soup of the Day

Feel the taste of home with our daily soup specials at CHOP CHOP by PUTIEN

Soup of the Day

Customize and complete your set meals with our soups and slurp your way to a hearty meal at CHOP CHOP! Also available daily, our popular PUTIEN Bian Rou soup with dumplings made out of meat that is carefully pounded and rolled to form a thin wrapper.

    MONDAY: Corn & Carrot Pork Ribs soup
    TUESDAY: Spinach Pork Ribs soup
    WEDNESDAY: Cucumber Pork Ribs Soup
    THURSDAY: Corn & Carrot Pork Ribs soup
    FRIDAY: Barley & Winter Melon Pork Ribs soup
    SATURDAY: Peanut & Lotus Root Pork Ribs soup
    SUNDAY: ABC Vegetable soup
    DAILY: PUTIEN Bian Rou soup